Be a smooth operator this winter!

Every responsible business puts in place plans to minimise the disruption and additional costs caused by uncertainty. Find out how Gloucestershire Gritting can help make your life that little bit easier this winter

At the moment businesses in Europe are beset by uncertainty. UK companies exporting to Europe still don’t know what the situation will be in a month’s time, at the end of October. ‘Smart’ motorway signs warn drivers: Freight to the EU _ Papers may change 1 Nov, please check. That may captures the uncertainty perfectly. Political debate has intensified to the extent that you hear of people live streaming sittings of the House of Commons for entertainment. But it is an exhausting and deeply demanding situation.

Businesses are beset by Brexit uncertainty as this motorway message shows

As seen on a smart motorway sign near you

We’re afraid Gloucestershire Gritting can’t help you negotiate these external forces. But we can offer you a little respite this winter and take one uncertainty off your shoulders. Whatever the weather, we want to help you minimise cold weather disruption and leave you free to concentrate your energies on helping your business thrive in uncertain times.

So what is our flexible and cost-effective solution?


  • A free, no-obligation site visit to discuss your particular requirements with our experienced and knowledgeable local operator

He will explain the full service package and talk you through some of the options available, including whether to:

  • Use the Met Office’s recommended OpenSite trigger point or set your own
  • Choose between paying a set fee for the whole winter or on a per call out basis

Gloucestershire Gritting, as part of Nurture Gritting Ltd, uses the Met Office’s specialist OpenSite weather forecast information service. This is tailored specifically for independent gritting operations across the UK. During our visit, we will explain how it can help businesses minimise irregular costs such as salt and grit. Using OpenSite, forecast sites are scientifically matched to your location, so Gloucestershire Gritting can treat when and where it is needed.

The 24-hour forecast can be split into one- and three-hour-time segments across the 24-hour period. It forecasts the road surface temperature (RST), road states, rainfall total, snow and ice for each time segment and identifies when the agreed trigger point for each site is reached.

On top of this level of scientific accuracy, Gloucestershire Gritting knows that very local variations or circumstances can sometimes lead to a different trigger point to that advised. Customers can set a different trigger level and indeed ask for a service to be cancelled, at their own risk of course.

From a business perspective this adds up to improved safety, a reduced risk of potential litigation and productivity maintained throughout the year.

We can help you with your budgeting too by offering our service in two ways. For those wanting the costs guaranteed we offer a flat rate for the whole season whatever the number of call outs. The alternative is a pay as you go system.

“We understand the uncertainty that the current political and economic situation is causing businesses and are delighted to be able to offer a little help this winter,” says Gloucestershire Gritting’s managing director, John Tingey.

“A flexible offer matched to the customer’s own requirements is a simple and cost-effective way to minimise disruption from cold winter weather.”

It makes sense to finalise your plans for winter now and minimise the disruption that adverse weather can cause, especially when businesses are facing economic and political uncertainty.

Cross one thing off your to-do list and get in touch now to find out more about how we can help you this winter. Call John on 07970 946329 or email for a free, no-obligation site visit and quote.