Red sky at night, shepherd’s delight

It has been an interesting winter and in this final blog of the season, we want to reflect on the stand out features of the year.

And in the morning it’s a warning

This beautiful stained skyline with the rainbow took our breath away on a recent evening as we were putting away our winter gritting equipment.

It has been an interesting winter and in this final blog of the season, we want to reflect on the stand out features of the year.

  1. The season started earlier than usual in October and we were called out several times in April – so a couple of months longer than we would normally expect to be in action.
  2. More customers meant we were busy despite the mild winter – our team covers the Gloucestershire and Swindon territory as part of Nurture. 
  3. There was a very cold snap at the end of January and early February – though it was no Beast from the East as it was quickly followed by the record-breaking February temperatures which took everyone by surprise.

So what are the key take outs for our customers new and old?

Increasing variability in the weather patterns means it is harder to predict the gritting needs for your business.  Here at Gloucestershire Gritting, as part of Nurture, we understand that dilemma.  We can offer the cost-effective flexibility that your business requires to ensure it is protected whatever the weather be it a price per call-out or a fixed price package for the whole winter.

With flexibility comes a professional, reliable service.  Our gritting operation is supported by the Met Office Opensite forecasts that scientifically match to our customers’ locations.  This all means that our team treats only when and where it is needed.  We are enthusiasts for the IceMaster app which provides seamless contact with the 24-hour Nurture control centre as well as evidence of job completion, all helping to improve our efficiency and provide an excellent service to our customers.

Feedback from our customers has again been positive this year.  ‘You’ve done a fantastic job this week,’ one customer told us during the cold snap.

So while we wish you all a long warm and relaxing summer – if you want to get ahead of the game spare a thought now for your winter gritting needs. See you in the Autumn! 

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Gloucestershire Gritting helps keep businesses open and operational whatever the weather.

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