Our Services

Gloucestershire Gritting Ltd delivers Winter Gritting and Snow Clearing Services in Gloucestershire and Swindon as part of Nurture Gritting Ltd. We service many sites overseen by facilities management companies (both National and Local).

Being a locally-based business, we are well equipped to deliver these services to individual businesses in the area that manage their own sites. The service provided can be tailored to suit the needs of each specific business and should an unexpected weather event occur then we can (and do) react promptly.

Our service is based on a “per visit fee” which is agreed following a site visit coupled with an agreed predicted road surface temperature trigger which is set with the customer based on their individual site risk assessment.

Road surface temperature forecasts are issued to us daily by the Met Office through Nurture and gritting is carried out overnight as necessary based on these forecasts, sites thus being protected before the first employee arrives for work in the morning.

All gritting vehicles are tracked through the Nurture computer system so if required we can provide full reports of grittings carried out on any site.

Engaging Gloucestershire Gritting is a means of ensuring that your site is as productive in adverse winter conditions in summer so that you always meet your customers delivery requirements. It also has the added benefit that you can then be sure that your business in compliant with Health and Safety Legislation with respect to ice and snow precautions.

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