Wet roads and freezing temperatures equal ice hazard: Don’t let this be your car park!

It has been a wet few weeks, as anyone living in Gloucestershire and Swindon doesn’t need reminding.

Gloucestershire Gritting covers some of the catchment of two great rivers, the Thames and the Severn. It has at times been difficult to travel around the area with roads closed due to floods and abandoned vehicles. Quite frankly the rain has been relentless and the floods have had an impact on many businesses.

While flood alerts and one warning remain in place along the Severn and upper reaches of the Thames and Avon rivers, forecasters are now confidently predicting colder weather this weekend. MetOffice forecasts are showing air and road surface temperatures going into negative figures with frost and ice on our roads over the weekend and into next week – hitting businesses at the start of the working week.

Research published last winter by the Met Office showed that two thirds of British people have been caught out by severe weather, and that is despite 9 in 10 people believing that preparing for winter weather is important. Standing water will quickly become an ice hazard as the weather turns cold. Now is the time for businesses to act with the meteorological winter commencing on 1 December and confident forecasts of colder weather.

Gloucestershire Gritting, as part of Nurture Gritting Ltd, uses the Met Office OpenSite weather forecast information service.

John Tingey, managing director of Gloucestershire Gritting, says: “Don’t take risks with your business this winter. We can help you keep fully operational irrespective of freezing temperatures. It’s not too late to get in touch and find out how we can help you.”

Don’t delay! Don’t let this be your office car park! Contact John now on 07970 946329 or email John@gloucestershiregritting.co.uk for a free, no-obligation site visit and quote.