• Specialist Local Winter Gritting Service for Gloucestershire and Swindon

We provide Winter Gritting and Snow Clearance Services to business in Gloucestershire and Swindon as part of Nurture Gritting Ltd.

We are a local company using four wheel drive vehicles and operators based in the area thus being able to guarantee service to our customers in the most extreme of weathers. Through Nurture we utilise the highest specification of weather forecast available from the Met Office to predict icing risk and then proactively grit customers’ sites according to this risk assessment. Gritting is carried out overnight so site safety is guaranteed when the first employee or visitor arrives in the morning.

Following an enquiry customers are visited and a “per gritting visit” price for the winter period agreed. No retainer is charged so if the winter is frost free then there is no cost to our customers but in a hard winter the safe and continuous operation of the site is ensured. Many of our clients value the avoidance of business disruption due to icy conditions far more highly than the security of knowing that they have covered off the Health and Safety considerations that might arise from untreated icy surfaces.

Snow Clearing is carried out when necessary utilising local contractors and is charged at an hourly rate.

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