The outlook is cold

Late November, clear skies and the first widespread frosts of the year are forecast.

Gloucestershire Gritting has been busy preparing for the new season.  Businesses across Gloucestershire and Swindon want to reduce their exposure to any interruptions caused by cold winter weather.  Many have sensibly decided they have enough on their plates dealing with a pandemic and Brexit and have signed up for gritting and snow clearance services from Gloucestershire Gritting.

Looking forward to a busy winter season, Gloucestershire Gritting’s managing director, John Tingey, is delighted that the portfolio has grown considerably. He says the company’s cost-effective, flexible and reliable service – operating as part of Nurture Gritting – provides the best of all worlds: local, knowledgeable and professional operators working within the systems and quality control of an award-winning national winter service provider.

This year Gloucestershire Gritting’s customers include health and care premises, business parks both large and small, industrial sites and shopping and leisure centres as well as motorway services and food and drink manufacturers, producers and suppliers.

John said: ‘This has been a monumentally difficult year for so many people, businesses and services.  We are playing our small part in keeping premises across Gloucestershire and Swindon open and operating whatever the weather.

‘I know I am speaking for my teams when I say we are especially proud to be gritting many hospital and health clinics, and hospice and care homes.  With demand for health and care services so high, in our small way we are making sure that these key sites remain open and free from ice.  As local people, we and our families rely on these services and the fact that the health and care element of our work has grown this year is a testimony to the quality of our work.’

If you would like more information on how Gloucestershire Gritting can assist your business this winter, contact John now on 07970 946329.