Whither the weather? A flexible safeguard for business

This month’s blog looks at how businesses can build resilience in the face of atypical weather patterns.

This month’s blog looks at how businesses can build resilience in the face of atypical weather patterns.

SO what do we know? The snow came as forecast at the end of January and early February and yet three weeks later the country was basking in temperatures more usually associated with mid-May. Weird – certainly; glorious – depends on who you are talking to. Many of us fear for the wildlife bursting into life so early. The spring growth spurt is very fragile and may be hit hard if the weather turns again.

Climate change some say – others cite the British obsession with weather. So before we go any further let’s get our definitions straight, thanks to the Oxford Dictionary.

Weather is The state of the atmosphere at a particular place and time as regards heat, cloudiness, dryness, sunshine, wind, rain, etc.
Climate is The weather conditions prevailing in an area in general or over a long period.

So weather is in the real-time, of the moment, changeable, and fluid. Climate is more settled, measured over a longer period. But science tells us that the patterns are on the move and our expectations of what would be typical weather for any given period are no longer necessarily true.
This uncertainty impacts on businesses too. Savvy owners and facilities managers like to plan, assess the risks their businesses face, and take action to minimise those risks. They don’t want to commit to large spends in the eventuality that the service won’t be needed. They are naturally seeking to target precious resources where they can have the greatest impact. And this is where Gloucestershire Gritting comes in.

Part of Nurture, Gloucestershire Gritting accesses the latest weather forecasting technology from the Met Office, OpenSite, and agrees the ideal cost-effective service for its customers.

By using OpenSite forecasts, Gloucestershire Gritting can help keep car parks, access roads, and footpaths open and free of winter hazards. Forecasts are scientifically matched to customers’ locations, so the teams treat when and where it is needed. The forecasts do not rely on observation data so are providing the same scientific level of accuracy wherever the site to be gritted may be located.

From a business perspective, this adds up to improved safety, a reduced risk of potential litigation, and productivity maintained throughout the year.
On top of this level of scientific accuracy, Gloucestershire Gritting knows the personal touch is so important, and very local variations or circumstances can sometimes lead to a different trigger point. This flexibility for our customers comes as standard. Customers can set a different trigger level and indeed ask for a service to be cancelled, at their own risk of course.

Operating across Gloucestershire and Swindon we know the local touch provides extra value in terms of local knowledge, reliability, and flexibility. And our staff are not travelling from out of area – minimising our carbon footprint.
Gloucestershire Gritting is proud of the service it offers customers – utilising the very latest in technology with its local expertise. The customer receives a very tailored, cost-effective service over which they have control. All adding up to peace of mind despite the uncertain weather.

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