How do you decide when to grit?

We grit in response to a prediction of icing using the Met Office Open Site weather forecast.  It gives the icing risk for individual postcodes and triggers gritting.

When do you grit?

We grit overnight between 8pm and 6am so sites and car parks are gritted before people arrive for work.

What do you grit with?

We use white marine de-icing salt which is a by-product of the Mediterranean sea water desalination plants.  This product does not ‘walk-in’ and stain office floors.

What machinery do you use?

We use high-visibility trail spreaders pulled by 4×4 vehicles ensuring we can access sites in all weather conditions.

My site is inaccessible to a vehicle.  Can you help?

Smaller sites and pedestrian areas are gritted using hand spreaders.

How much does your service cost?

We survey all sites and agree a per visit cost with the customer.  This is then charged for each gritting carried out.  There is no retaining charge.  All invoicing is through Nurture Gritting Ltd.

What about snow?

We arrange for snow clearance upon request which is charged on an hourly basis. If more than 2.5cms of snow has fallen, it needs to be cleared before gritting takes place.  Salt alone will not clear more than an inch of snow.

Can you provide short term cover for special events?

Yes.  Call us now to discuss your requirements.

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